We Move You Safely, Confidently – Interstate.

You need a removalist to move your household or your business – interstate, right?

Who to talk to...who can you trust? There’s so many! Everyone says “…they’re the best!”...Really?

It might be reassuring to know that some of us in the Industry, are reputable and genuinely like our work.

We sincerely want the best outcome – that is – you are happy – and we are still in a job!

At TransAust, we UNDERSTAND that we exist only because of YOU!

That’s the BOTTOM LINE.


What is it?

As you might well imagine…a truck coming back home empty – is not a good idea! For local moves that’s fine – but interstate, its no good – it’s just wasted space...But that’s where you can save money. If your goods wont take up a full truck – only a part load, and may be you are flexible with the moving dates, then backloading might be a good option.

Your goods share the space with other consignments going the same way. Makes sense, and there is no compromise in service or any other expectations you might have – flexibility with transit dates are essential though.

In any case, your goods are moved efficiently and safely – but at less cost to you – a great idea!

Interstate Vehicle Transport

Need to move your car but cant drive it? We can arrange to move cars or motorcycles – no problem.

TransAust offers through an network of interstate car transport delivery partners, a safe and efficient service for customers right across Australia. .

Furniture Storage Facilities

Going to need to store your furniture? We can deliver into storage facilities anywhere in Australia.

Just ask us, what are the best options to save money, and get the right storage arrangement for your needs

Interstate Piano & Heavy Item Removalists

Got something precious, heavy to move? A small upright piano, may be a concert grand, or perhaps a pool table…or even a safe? TransAust can help move these sometimes delicate, heavy items with respect and care wherever you want them to go in Australia.

Moving these items can be involved; TransAust can help you get it done - with confidence.

Removal Pre-Packing Service

Not keen on packing boxes? Who is!? - Help is at hand. We can have our efficient Removal Pre-Packing Service team visit your home on the day before the moving trucks arrive.

They can arrange for the packing of some, or all of your moving boxes for you.

Just ask us about our pre-packing services.

Comprehensive Interstate Removalist Network

TransAust are a professional interstate removalist brokerage company that offers our services in nearly every part of Australia. We’ve got Australia and your requirements – covered! Our network partners’ trucks go almost everywhere.

Moving interstate doesn’t need to be difficult, you can trust TransAust to make it your best move yet…

Are you ready to move? Call us 1300 880 971