Preparation & Planning

1Do you dismantle or reassemble furniture?
Many items will travel better if they have been dismantled or flat packed and it will also save space in the vehicle which will in turn save you money when moving interstate. Should you require items to be dismantled or re-assembled by our removalists, please let us know so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for your furniture removals.
2How do I know how much space I will need?
When filling out our online removals quotes form, please take your time, as we can only be as accurate as the information you supply to us. Once this is complete, we can assess the amount of space required for your goods. Please do not measure every item with a tape measure as this will not always give you a correct "stack-able" cubic metre value.
3How early should I book?
Depending on circumstances at least 2 weeks notice should be given to ensure your position on the truck and ensure the dates that are required can be met. Short notice bookings will be taken but a guarantee on dates can not always be made. As they say; “ first in best dressed”.
4How much will it cost to move?
This is mostly based on what you need to be moved. If your removal is interstate or long distance it may be worth while having a garage sale or clean out items that you may not need in your new residence. Some items can cost as much to transport as replacing with new items at your destination.
5When is the best time to move?
This will depend on personal circumstances. TransAust has vehicles running all year round (even over Christmas ) and can offer all services at any given time. However, there is a peak period from November to March where industry services are in extreme demand and options possibly reduced.
6Where can I get packing materials?
Your local "Bunnings" or similar can provide moving cartons and other packaging requirements. If you are unsure, please contact our staff for details of packing material stockists in local your area.
7How is the price worked out – by volume or per hour?
Local or short distance removals are calculated on an hourly rate. All long distance and interstate removals are calculated by per cubic metre volume. This ensures the best rates & price possible for all of our clients.
8Will there be any paperwork?
Yes - of course! All professional removal companies will provide you with a written quotation and confirmation of your upcoming removal and booking confirmation.
9Do I need to be present during the moving process?
We recommendation that you or a representative be present at pickup and delivery. This insures that all items that are meant to be transported are identified, and items are placed in the right places on delivery. If this is not possible, other arrangements may need to be devised.
10Do I pack my own boxes, or do you do all the packing for me?
All quotes will be based on you packing your own boxes, unless otherwise requested and stated on the quote. TransAust has trained professionals in pre packing should you require this service at extra cost.
11Should any of my appliances be prepared before moving?
All washing machines, fridges and freezers should be empty and clean prior to pickup – free of moisture. Please note, should you have the original cartons/foam inserts for items please let our removalist know, as these cartons and inserts are designed specifically for safe travel. If this is not possible our removalists will wrap and pack everything in a professional manner to avoid damage. Any small appliances should be boxed in T-chest or book box size removal cartons.


1Do you require a deposit?
Regardless of the moving company you select to help you with moving interstate, a deposit should always be made to confirm your booking and hold your position on the removals truck.
2How and when should I pay?
Payment for deposits can be made directly into our account or by filling out our credit card form on your booking confirmation. Payment for the remainder/balance can be made by direct deposit, cash, bank cheque or credit card and must be made within two days of actual pick up.
3How firm are your prices?
Our pricing will be as accurate as the information you provide. Generally pricing/quotes will only change due to access issues that weren’t previously discussed or extra items other than what was quoted upon. Most clients when moving interstate tend to under estimate the amount of cartons they have so take the time to access the amount of cartons you will require.

In Transit

1How do they send my furniture? Does it stay in the same truck that picks it up?
At TransAust, we always try to keep items on the same truck as they were picked up in. However, due to access for the removals truck and other variables this can not always be achieved. All staff and removalists use state of the art packing materials so double handling is not an issue.
2How long does it take to move my goods interstate?
Again this is dependant on the area of uplift and delivery, dates required and your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact the office and one of our friendly staff can assist you with any queries.
3Do your removalists have the correct vehicles and equipment to handle my furniture?
The removalists at TransAust only use professional furniture relocation vehicles and equipment.
4If I’m only using the space I need, what goes on the rest of the truck?
If you have requested the sole occupancy of a vehicle, then the space is left as is. If it is on a backload, other clients may be collected and delivered on the same vehicle as your goods are on.


1Are my goods covered by insurance?
Your goods are covered by an insurance policy for any loss or damage that may occur if the truck is involved in a collision, overturn or fire. This is a restricted cover insurance (commonly called Transit Insurance) and is included in the quote. However, it is NOT comprehensive “scratch n’ dent” cover, this must be arranged independently. We can direct clients to these companies that provide this cover:-Interstate Removals Insurance - www.interstateremovalsinsurance.com.au CARTS Removal Insurers - www.removalsinsurance.com.au **We strongly recommend that clients get adequate cover for their goods in transit**

Service Type Required

1I have a business – can you ship products interstate for me?
We certainly can, TransAust specialises in commercial transport so please contact our office and discuss your interstate transport needs.
2What if my shipment is very small?
No problems, at TransAust no job is to large or to small. Check out our Backloading options.
3What is a backload?
A backload is using the space available on a vehicle generally on a return trip.
4My employer will cover relocation costs; how does this work?
TransAust is more than happy to discuss your relocation with yourself or employer and we can send an invoice to whom it is required.
5What does the Exclusive Use Service involve?
Exclusive service is the sole occupancy of the removals vehicle, this does involve extra costs but as the service states, you have exclusive access to the space and time frames of the removal vehicle. This service usually suits medium to large removals (4 bedroom and up approximately).
6I must move - but my new home wont be ready; what to do?
Not a problem, if storage is required please state the time frame in our special requirement section on our online quote form and all arrangements can be made for a smooth transition.